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+91 – 96102 33355

+91 – 96102 33355


Adventure Sports

One of the most interesting parts of adventure sports is that they refresh your soul and mind, and add some extra thrill to your life. Try your hands on a commando net or tyre net, Burma Bridge or v-shaped bridge, tight rope walk or slack lining, adventure geek in you is going to enjoy to the fullest at Nature Village Resort. What more! We have trained manpower to guide you with these sport activities.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Nature Village Resort offers a lot of games to unwind yourself, away from the mundane affairs of your daily hardships. As you wake up from a deep slumber, freshen up and try your hands at badminton or football, you’ll be delighted to have stayed with us.

Pet friendly resort in Pushkar, Rajasthan
Pet friendly resort in Pushkar, Rajasthan
Pet friendly resort in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Desert Safari

For those seeking adventure, the deserts never disappoint. We will start with a bumpy jeep drive to one of the most remote areas of the desert followed by a ride on the desert Cadillac, the beloved camel. Reminiscent of years gone by, riding this majestic creature on the sand dunes throughout the arid region is an experience like none other. Let’s sit down and discover together how we can make your unique discovery of the desert completely unforgettable.

Village Tour

In Rajasthan, most of the people live in villages and they have made this harsh terrain a place of visitors’ delight. It is amazing to see how these resilient and brave people live, especially for guests coming from very different ways of life. We created a sustainable way for our guests to immerse themselves in this village lifestyle. Rajasthanis are famous for their hospitality and these villages are shining examples.

Horse Riding

Unwind by indulging in the ease of horse riding with a sumptuous meal while overlooking the large trees as unforgettable memories are made. Enjoy your equestrian ride against the stunning backdrop of nature under the guidance of our qualified personnel. Our horse riding is available to riders of all levels from beginners to the experienced.

Camel Cart Ride

There’s probably no better or more romantic way of enjoying village life than on the camel cart. And Pushkar is the best and popular place for that! Camel cart rides at Nature Village Resort usually takes place during the evening time; or early morning on special requests. You can go till the sunset point to see an amazing sun-downer or sunrise. 4 persons can sit in one cart at a time.